Material Daughter: Madonna To Launch Junior’s Line Inspired By Lourdes

fashionnews_madonna_lourdesQueen of Pop Madonna is collaborating with Macy’s for a junior’s lifestyle collection inspired by her 13-year-old daughter Lourdes. The collection will include apparel, handbags, footwear, and jewelry with prices ranging from $12 to $40. Lourdes is said to be involved with the line, attending design meetings with Macy’s executives. The junior’s collection is expected to be available in stores around the time students are heading back to school.
But that isn’t all for Madonna. The legendary pop singer just inked a huge fashion deal that will allow her to have control in several existing brands and create her own brands. Her manager Guy Oseary and she have formed MG Icon with brand-management firm Iconix. The duo will own 50 percent stake in the company and Iconix, which owns labels like Candie’s, will own the other 50 percent.

Friday Kaleidoscope – March 26th, 2010

KaleidoscopeThis week had flown by and I am stunned it’s already Friday. It’s not that I haven’t collected colorful bits and pieces for your pleasant Friday reading. I have lots of fab finds to share with you. It’s just this neck-breaking speed of life that never ceases to amaze me. My son who was blowing bubbles just yesterday recites two-line long dinosaurs’ names, differentiating between herbivores and carnivores plans weekend dates with his girlfriends.

Happy Passover!

passoverI would like to wish our fellow stylistas who celebrate the miraculous escape of Jewish people from enslavement in Egypt, very Happy and Healthy Passover. I wish you a happy Exodus from your personal Egypt. I am sure everybody has one.

The Name Magic – Stella McCartney Summer Collection for Gap Kids. Awesome or Overpriced?

032510_gk_HPI’ve been honking about Stella McCartney new Summer collection for a while. This is a major event in the world of kids/boys fashion, which needs to be thoroughly examined. Well, the collection has got mixed reviews from the shopping community. The opinions range from excited ravings to disappointed blah, meh and beh.  The verdict summarizing all these comments is the following: the collection is grossly overpriced and quite mediocre, meaning nothing is ground breaking and WOW! Consumers nowadays want more for their money, they want quality, they want uniqueness, they want creativity and WOW factor. Name alone is not going to carry the collection, even such fashion heavyweight as Stella McCartney.

Friday Kaleidoscope April 2nd, 2010 – Happy Easter!

imagesFirst of all, Happy Easter to all our Christian friends!  As an important part of Easter celebration, Eggs Hunt is not to be taken lightly. The preparations, the excitement, big smiles, colorful eggs, cheering parents, beautiful clothes and the memories… Heartwarming memories captured in the pictures.


Style for Less - Burberry vs. Children's Place, Cool DKNY and Guess Jeans and more...

Also Ralp Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Greendog and Nautica Suits

022167_sClicking through the pages of Children’s Place boys new collections, noting automatically the usual boring stuff, surfboards – check, skulls – check, striped polos –check; I freeze in deliberate point, just like the trained bird  dog points a quail or pheasant. This is what this dog was born to do; this is what I love to do: Discovering little gems of cool boys clothes in the thick woods of mediocrity.

Get Gwen Stefani's Boys' Stylish Looks for Less

Zuma and Kingston Rossdales are the little trendsetters, rocking their unique little rock star style .


The reason I am profiling mainly Rossdale kids is simple. There are not too many truly stylishly dressed celeboys out there. Throwing all the high end brands clothes and shoes on the kids is not enough. The majority of male celebrikids just prove my unshakable conviction. Dressing little boy in style is an art and a gift and no amount of money can buy style.

Easter Egg Hunt Report – Best Dressed Little Dudes

Zahara__DilonWe had a blast last Sunday, watching our little treasures rushing about in an excited frenzy, searching for the eggs. We have followed all the tips of the professional photographer Rachel Hudgins posted in my last week’s Friday Kaleidoscope: Tried to take pictures before and after the hunt, placed ourselves strategically around the locations with the massive amounts of hidden eggs, hovered over the excited kids examining their baskets’ contents. Here are the carefully filtered results.

The Boys' Best  Easter Outfits

A Few Colorful Tees for the Boys' Colorful Personalities

5327392I keep telling you that urban style doesn’t get enough credit in the mainstream fashion. I agree the designs might be a bit overwhelming sometimes but it’s impossible to deny the insane creativity, vibrant colors and joyful flamboyance that define this style.

This multi-plaid woven shirt ($11.99) is absolutely irresistible. Chest pockets with flap closures, epaulet shoulder straps and patches give a new dimension to the humble plaid, kind of a military chic. Pair it with slacks to dress it up, or with jeans or shorts to dress it down.

Bonpoint French Kids' Couture Looks for Less... a Lot Less

Boys Be Cool Take on Sophisticated French Chic

Bonpoint_lookOh, this legendary French chic that seems to be engraved in French chromosomes or flow in French blood. How do we capture this effortless style, this understated chic that French pull off effortlessly without even thinking? Easily. The highly coveted French Kids couture line Bonpoint is now available online so the devoted connoisseurs of French fashion can now quench their style thirst and heal the wounds inflicted by the trucks, surfboards and teddy bears. At a price naturally. To dress your little fashionista from head to toe would cost you and I mean COST YOU! The average Bonpoint boys tee is $65, cardigan from $145 and up, denim pants $155 and so on. You get the idea.

Does this mean shopping  a la Francese is out of question? Of course not! The resourceful budget stylistas do not shed burning tears all over the sales rack at Snoozeboree. They boldly recreate these stylish chic-onomic looks for a fraction of Bonpoint’s price but equally dashing and alluring. Ce magnifique’!

Cool & Affordable Summer Plaids – Boys Separates

5439509After the blizzard of cozy winter plaids died out and  the last remnants of comfy check flannels melted under the rays of season clearance sun, we got ready to embrace summery stripes and florals. Not so fast. Plaid is not ready to retire. Plaids keep going strong showing no signs of retreat into the fashion’s yesterday. The tsunami of cheerful summer plaids is sweeping boys’ collections across brands and retailers.  Plaids are still rad and we are happily embracing summer versions of this timeless pattern. The budget friendly price tags make this embracing process a lot easier.

Here are the Boys Be Cool Plaid Picks, which let you take on the plaid trend without any financial strain.

Kingston Rossdale’s Laid Back Summer Style for Less

Use Crazy 8, 77kids and Children's Place clothes and accessories to recreate this look.


True stylista Kingston Rossdale knows his accessories. His bright retro cool shades pop against classic black and white background.  Recreate signature Burberry check with 77kids and Children’s Place black and white plaid cargo shorts.

Friday Kaleidoscope – Cool Finds’ Mashup

Leather Dinosaur, Glow-in-the-Dark Pillow, Groovy Chest for Little Treasures and Salvor Onesies

Friday bits and pieces for Friday frayed ends of sanity.

d°light Huggable Pillow

Glowig_PillowYou know how you brave little soldier refuses to stay in his bedroom alone just because some seemingly friendly at a daylight creatures have morphed into terrifying monsters and they are everywhere… This Glow  in the dark fuzzy- cozy pillow might be a solution; a friend that will always be there for  your kid, warding off the fears and making him feel warm and blissfully calm and secure.

Brilliant, truly enlightened both visually and emotionally design by Diana Lin!  d°light Huggable pillows’ strangely life-like power comes from the 12 LED lights, encased in small silicone bubbles and stashed inside a translucent pillow cover.

Unique and Irresistible Monsoon’s Boys Clothes

boyYou might be unaware of this splendid fact that I am a Style Maven on, which is online a community of shoppers sharing the hottest and the latest finds from across the web. We are passionate about new, unique, and interesting products that enable and enrich our lives. It takes a unique personality and a groovy sense of style to become a Style Maven; not to mention maintaining this glorious status for a couple of years. Meaning, I’ve earned my right to preach style for boys and you can trust my styling advice. As one of the prominent members of the community I was chosen to be interviewed for ThisNext blog. You can read my interview here.