Meet Nununu, a line that had been making ripples in the tots’ fashion world, collecting hearts of moms regardless of their style preferences. What makes this line so universally appealing to hip, edgy, nerdy and traditionalist alike? Let’s see… Very simple lines, very basic palette, very soft organic fabrics, edgy deconstructed look, super cool prints: stars, geometric shapes, letters, funky sheep with the eye patch, and a wicked sense of humor. Huge “NO!” plastered across the tees is a toddler’s alter ego and speaks volumes (loudly) to every parent. It’s also a humorous spin on the line’s name NUNUNU, which is basically a verbal form of wagging a pointer finger furiously at a misbehaving child in an attempt to reign in the naughty behavior. It means “No!”, “Don’t do that!” in Yiddish Israeli way.

Nununu_Star_romper_1 Nununu_Letters_Sweatshirt

NUNUNU was launched by Iris Adler, a long time premier fashion stylist and Tali Milchberg, an experienced creative director, in 2009. True minimalists, burning with passion for clean lines in every form of design, they started out with the concept of high quality baby basics, determined to offer an alternative to babywear clichés: pink, blue, cutesy, cartoonish - comfortable, cool, minimalistic clothes in monochromatic palette, as a reflection of designers’ style philosophy and wardrobes. Prints – simple geometric shapes introduced as the element of fun, turned out to be the real stars of brand’s every collection, literally, and became the line’s signature. Nununu’s fans can’t have enough of stars and designers dutifully oblige. Stars shine bright in a minimalistic way, naturally, in every season supplemented by new and super fun prints.

Nununu_Letters_Hoodie Nununu_Skull_Romper
Nununu_Letter_Pants Nununu_Logo_Romper

Nununu that started as a purely baby line was defined by the unisex style. Adding bigger sizes, as the line’s popularity grew, also brought in more dresses but the overwhelming majority of Nununu’s styles remained unisex. For 2013 SS collection designers explored new fabrics such as breezy gauze, used new dying and washing techniques and promised to sweep us off our feet. One look at Nununu’s Facebook page filled with enthusiastic love confessions of the excited fans proves that devotees are more than ready. 

Nununu_Letters_Sweatshirt_V Nununu_Comtrol_Freak_Sweatshirt Nununu_No_Sweatshirt
Nununu_Stars_hoodie_white_1 Nununu_Letters_Hoodie_grey Nununu_Black_Hoodie

NUNUNU is not a conventional or a trendy company. Iris and Tali believe in their concept of high quality basics and steer clear from fads. Making simple, comfy clothes that work well will other pieces in kids’ closets and the most important; make the child happy - is Nununu’s simple philosophy. Adding more sizes to the current range of 0-6yrs is in the line’s plans, but we demand immediate inclusion of big little rascals (meaning beyond sz 6) in this stars and letters celebration. By the way, many moms went crazy over “Do Not Touch!” tee, as an absolute necessity to fight off overly enthusiastic strangers. Ah, the burden of cuteness. Smile

Nununu_Letters_Romper_Black Nununu_Stars_Romper_White_1 Nununu_No_Romper
Nununu_Cotton_Pants Nununu_Letters_Pants_Yellow Nununu_Harem_Pants_stars

Nununu will be sponsoring our festive Holiday Delights Extravaganza. The blizzard of prizes and fun is fast approaching! Stay tuned!

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